Don't Take My Word For It

“Being a first year teacher in a bilingual classroom, I have received valuable feedback from Mrs. Rodriguez. She has provided resources and time to help me transition into my new role.”

J. Butler - PreK Teacher

"Working with Claudia has been one of the highlights of my year. She always provides relevant information that can be immediately used the classroom. Claudia has helped me grow as a bilingual teacher by giving me the tools necessary to meet the needs of my students.”

Diana Flores - 4th Grade Teacher

“This year with Claudia's trainings and feedback I feel that I grew more as a bilingual teacher than in the past two years. Thank you for showing me bilingual resources and inspiring me to look beyond the data.”

Raquel Rivas - 5th Grade Teacher

"Realmente ha sido una cantidad de recursos significativos para nuestro programa dual.  Las estrategias que nos has compartido han sido de gran utilidad para los niños, y han ayudado a que se desenvuelvan mejor dentro de la clase.

Lesley Curiel - Maestra de 3er grado

"I have learned so much from you! I have used many of your ideas in my 3rd grade classroom.  Incorporating sentence stems has really helped my ELL's with writing and getting their thoughts on paper.  I love you data organization forms.  They have really helped me identify my groups for intervention.  You always bring excellent ideas and are very helpful!

Candice Bentley- 3rd Grade Teacher


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