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Cognitive Concepts successfully partners with campuses and school districts to bring research-based instructional strategies and pedagogy beneficial for English learners in Bilingual and ESL programs. We specialize in providing personalized curriculum development, campus-specific training, classroom coaching & mentoring, and solutions-oriented district support.

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Virtual trainings for educators who want research-based instructional strategies and pedagogy for English learners in Bilingual and ESL programs.   Teachers can choose to register for a recorded or a live trainings.    

Flexible Bilingualism Series 

The Flexible Bilingualism series explores Flexible Bilingualism through 4 modules of learning.  Each module is a total of 3 hours. These include a comprehensible output component that teachers are required to complete.  This series is made up of 4 modules of training: 

1. Flexible Bilingualism- What is it? 

2. Contrastive Analysis of Language 

3. Flexible Bilingualism and Literacy 

4. The Bridge and Bridging – What is the difference? 

What is Flexible Bilingualism?

Language proficiency in two languages requires linguistic competence and flexibility.

Supporting Dual Language Learners Series

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ESL Series

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Texas ESL Test Prep

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